Walkabout to Re-Launch

Walkabout will Re-Launch in the new year.  On January 1st, 2012, Walkabout will begin a bi-weekly publication schedule, putting out a new piece every two weeks.  These pieces will include “The Adventure” as well as Advice sidebars and accompanying photos, may updates etc.

I have been writing regularly and am far enough ahead I finally feel I can keep up with a 14 day schedule.  So curl up with a cup of coffee on the morning of January 1st and read Walkabout while you nurse that New Years Eve hangover.

See you then!

Another publication

Walkabout to be published in Way Beyond Borders. . . . → Read More: Another publication

Writing Again

Well, it’s good news.  I’m writing again and making progress.  Some of my other projects are nearing completion and as I hoped it’s freeing up time to do some of the stuff I really enjoy.  As such, I’ve found myself back at the keyboard working at this blog.  I have 5 episodes finished now and am . . . → Read More: Writing Again