Iceland Logistics

Flight: Iceland Air offers many flights from Eastern Canada and all over the US to popular Western Europe destinations like Amsterdam, Glasgow, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and others.  They are a comfortable and affordable airline and will let you arrange a free stopover in Reykjavic.  I found a good deal booking through Expedia.

Accommodations: This is no problem in Iceland although they can run a little pricey.  However if you’re not in the busy season, look into hostels just outside of the city center and chances are you will get a room to yourself for cheap rates.

Reykjavic City Hostel is a very popular choice (reserve ahead) and a great option for the budget traveler.  It is a Hostelling International affiliate and beds run about 12 USD a night for HI members.

Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts are all quite easy to find but as always I recommend the personal touch of a Bed and Breakfast.  Prices in prime real estate for B&B’s or hotels run from about 40 USD a night per person.  Fight the urge to stay in that good ol’ Holiday Inn!                                                                                                                                        

Entertainment: The Golden Circle tour is a must and unless you plan to rent a car, the only way to do it is with a group.  Tours normally take the better part of a day and cost a little over 40 USD.  The Blue Lagoon, a natural hot springs and great way to unwind at the beginning or end of your trip (or both), is also well worth a stop and is a little cheaper at 27 USD including bus fare and admittance.  Contact Reykjavic Excursions – – for more info.

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