Iceland Logistics (Part II – Vik)

Land Transportation: The best option, if you’re in good shape or just want to be, is to take a bike around Iceland’s ring road.  I met plenty of travelers doing just that and I would have been one of them if I had found a little more time.  Alternatively there is good bus service for the road and if you buy a full circle pass you can do the full circuit, hopping on and off whenever you feel like.

Accommodations:  Vik only has a few places to stay as it is a town of only about 350 people.

Hotel Edda with 55 rooms is probably the biggest place to stay.  There are a few B&B’s that are much more authentic options but they are hard to track down.  If you’re not coming in the busy season, just show up and ask around town. You’ll find a nice room.                                                                                                                                                         

Entertainment: In Vik you make your own entertainment.  Hiking, cycling, swimming, etc.   Don’t expect a nightlife unless you happen upon someone’s party at the community center.  If that’s the case though, invite yourself in and you’re bound to have a fantastic time.  Tours of nearby glaciers and volcanoes can also be found with relative ease.

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