Netherlands Logistics – Amsterdam

Flight: Iceland Air offers many cheap flights from North America that stopover in Reykjavic.  If you’re really on a budget, Canadian Affair will get you into the UK from Canada for cheap.   From there it’s nearly free to fly across the channel with the right discount airline.  Otherwise, if money’s not a big concern and you want to take a major carrier the question simple becomes, which one’s don’t fly into Amsterdam?

Land Transportation: Walking is always the best choice in an old beautiful city like Amsterdam.  But if you need to go some long distances the most frequented option is a bicycle.  Holland probably has the best bike paths in the world and cycling there is a piece of cake.  But, if you’d rather relax, the streetcars are pretty efficient too.

Accommodations: There are plenty of good accommodation options in the city center.  There are dozens of hostels, most of which go from 20-30 Euro’s a night.  Hotels are also quite easy to find.

Stayokay: Vondelpark is where I chose to hang my hat.  Rates were cheap, the place was clean and friendly but it’s a bit of a walk from some of the attractions.  It’s part of the big Stayokay chain and is a member of Hostelling International.

The Flying Pig is also a popular choice that I heard good things about from other travelers.  It’s a little more central.

If you want to spend some cash, The College Hotel (outside of the center) is a great option and you get a lot for the money.  You also can’t go wrong with the Mauro Mansion, which according to is Amsterdam’s finest hotel (and for less than $200, not all that unreasonably priced either).

Entertainment: It’s Amsterdam.  The options are endless.  My choices included: the Heineken Brewery Tour, which is actually pretty fascinating and best of all comes with some free booze; The Van Gogh Museum, for a little culture; The Red-Light District is a good place to walk around for some culture shock; and all that doesn’t even mention the countless sex museums, coffee shops (yes, they have marijuana too), bars, restaurants and nightclubs.   If you’re in the center it doesn’t matter where you go.  You’ll find something to intrigue you.

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