Writing Again

Well, it’s good news.  I’m writing again and making progress.  Some of my other projects are nearing completion and as I hoped it’s freeing up time to do some of the stuff I really enjoy.  As such, I’ve found myself back at the keyboard working at this blog.  I have 5 episodes finished now and am nearly done the sixth.  I am going to start re-shopping the first episode’s around again and perhaps re-post them on the site as well once I’m convinced I can commit to a regular update schedule.  Hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll know exactly how many I am capable of writing in a month, but so far it looks good for one a week.

I will post another update in a week or two when I begin shopping the information around.  Even with my poor updates, the site was growing quite quickly the first few months.  I think if I can continue to post, I may monetize the website by adding a few advertisements and the extra income should provide me with the encouragement and ability to write more often.  We’ll see.

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