Another publication

Walkabout (parts 1 and 2) have been scheduled for publication in the inaugural edition of the new magazine Way Beyond Borders (  I’m excited to see Walkabout find a new home on the internet and over the last week I have been seriously stepping up my work on the project.  I am nearly done with my other time requirements save one that will also be ongoing and I feel well-prepared, not only to continue writing this series, but also solicit it properly.

I still don’t know when the next update will be here on the site, but I am still seriously considering a major re-launch to coincide with Walkabout being published in new magazines.  I’ve also decided definitively to monetize the site although I don’t have a deadline for when that may be complete.  It will certainly be nice to make a bit of cash for my efforts, even if it’s just a few pennies here or there.

As always, check back regularly and subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss anything.  I learned a lot from my first roll-out of this site and am excited to do things properly this time around!

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