I’d like to start with what Walkabout is not:

Walkabout is not a blog, in the traditional sense.  Rather, it is a series of pieces that tells the story of my two year trip around the world.  There will not be updates every day, or perhaps not even every week, although that will be my goal, but I will endeavor to make sure the content is always of the highest quality.

Walkabout is also not a series of travel articles, in the traditional sense (just don’t tell the magazines I’m trying to sell it to!).  Rather, it is an extremely personal tale that focuses not so much on the places, but on the emotions I have while there.

So what is it?  Well, I’m not really sure.  One day I just decided to travel.  I threw a proverbial dart at a proverbial map and came up with The Netherlands.  I booked a one-way ticket.

Almost immediately I was hit with a revelation.  I didn’t like some of the things that defined me and I needed to make some changes.  But telling just the beginning and the end of a story isn’t very worthwhile.  It’s about the triumphs and the struggles that happen in-between.

Walkabout is about the journey.