Walkabout to Re-Launch

Walkabout will Re-Launch in the new year.  On January 1st, 2012, Walkabout will begin a bi-weekly publication schedule, putting out a new piece every two weeks.  These pieces will include “The Adventure” as well as Advice sidebars and accompanying photos, may updates etc.

I have been writing regularly and am far enough ahead I finally feel I can keep up with a 14 day schedule.  So curl up with a cup of coffee on the morning of January 1st and read Walkabout while you nurse that New Years Eve hangover.

See you then!

Another publication

Walkabout (parts 1 and 2) have been scheduled for publication in the inaugural edition of the new magazine Way Beyond Borders (www.waybeyondborders.com).  I’m excited to see Walkabout find a new home on the internet and over the last week I have been seriously stepping up my work on the project.  I am nearly done with my other time requirements save one that will also be ongoing and I feel well-prepared, not only to continue writing this series, but also solicit it properly.

I still don’t know when the next update will be here on the site, but I am still seriously considering a major re-launch to coincide with Walkabout being published in new magazines.  I’ve also decided definitively to monetize the site although I don’t have a deadline for when that may be complete.  It will certainly be nice to make a bit of cash for my efforts, even if it’s just a few pennies here or there.

As always, check back regularly and subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss anything.  I learned a lot from my first roll-out of this site and am excited to do things properly this time around!

Writing Again

Well, it’s good news.  I’m writing again and making progress.  Some of my other projects are nearing completion and as I hoped it’s freeing up time to do some of the stuff I really enjoy.  As such, I’ve found myself back at the keyboard working at this blog.  I have 5 episodes finished now and am nearly done the sixth.  I am going to start re-shopping the first episode’s around again and perhaps re-post them on the site as well once I’m convinced I can commit to a regular update schedule.  Hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll know exactly how many I am capable of writing in a month, but so far it looks good for one a week.

I will post another update in a week or two when I begin shopping the information around.  Even with my poor updates, the site was growing quite quickly the first few months.  I think if I can continue to post, I may monetize the website by adding a few advertisements and the extra income should provide me with the encouragement and ability to write more often.  We’ll see.